Linda Not Dreaming About Eva Gabor Once In the Wrong Decade (Alice, Wednesday) Ellen, Once In an Imaginary Diner
South of the Bridge, Kitty Last Summer Stuck in the Wrong Kind of Motel (Marina Last March) Sometime Before Sunset; Kitty, Last August
Just South of Natural Bridge, Route 11, Trudy DeWitt Paula Does Fractions in a Long-Torn-Down Motel Achingly Aware of Meteorological Conditions, Ellen, Virginia Beach Pancakes and December; North Carolina Laura
Dreaming of Tennessee and Old Buicks; Trudy, October Down Below the Waterline; Carla in Sherando, Last Fall Listening to the Roadway; Botetourt County Alice
Salty and Warm and Sandy and Carla September Trudy, Abandoned Motel, Shawsville, Virginia Not Alone in the Dark (Martha, Last September) Martha in Another David Lynch Dream

Quick little drawings, with quick little poems, done mostly for my own amusement.