Charlottesville Concealed



Sloane #4

"Ellen #5"



I'm working on a book project that will consist of a series of late-night, outdoor, long-exposure nudes, shot in dimly lit, deserted places in Charlottesville. I want to include people of varying shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders. You don't have to live here, but I want all the photos to be shot in and around town. The images will be dark and moody, and the subjects' faces will be kept hidden or anonymous if desired, but models should be comfortable with nudity, with signing a model release, and with having their images viewable online and in print.

Some of the places will be quite deserted - hidden places around town that have some nighttime light from streetlights, etc - but I'd also love to find people daring enough to shoot very late at night in parks, streetscapes, around UVa, maybe even the downtown mall. My plan is to shoot 30-40 of these and do a self-published book on There's no pay for this, and the books will be too expensive for me to give you one, but I will give you a nice 8x10 print of yourself, and/or jpgs of the shoot.

My ideas for the project are still evolving. I'm excited about the images I've shot so far: I like their dreamy, ghost-like feeling, and I like the idea that both the figures and the places are somewhat mysterious. To that end, I'm toying with the idea of titling each image with made up names/locations. I might add a sentence or two of text with each photo that speaks to my feelings about my home town and the people here, and I welcome input from models on that topic.

Please click on the image about to see more of the series, and if you're interested in being a part of this work, please contact me.