Monitoring Last Month's Party (Elizabeth at the Elk's Lodge) Light Reading (Travis at the Library)
Waiting on her Bacon Cheeseburger (Rose at a Diner in North Carolina) Pedestrian Dangers Late at Night (Avery Just Down the Main Road) Asleep in the Basement Again (Valerie at Mary's Mom's House, Last Fall)
Trying to be Patient (Renee Visiting Her Sister) Too Tired of Waiting on You (Valerie at 2am) Hoping for a Vacancy (Valerie at the Rose Bud)
Holding Out for Resupply (Valerie, Last Month) Keeping an Eye on the Pool (Charlie on Vacation)

Figure drawings. Media consists of pencil (sometimes with pastel chalk, charcoal, etc) on toned paper. Many of these were done at an open figure drawing group that I host at my studio every Sunday morning.