Down on her Luck (Valerie, Poker Night) About as Comfortable as She Can Be Under the Circumstances (Valerie's Dream)
Waiting on her Bacon Cheeseburger (Rose at a Diner in North Carolina) Upstream (Charlie in the Driveway Again) Asleep in the Basement Again (Valerie at Mary's Mom's House, Last Fall)
Killing Time Until the Band Gets Back (Charlie) Left Out in the Cold (Rose in the Aftermath) Hoping for a Vacancy (Valerie at the Rose Bud)
Holding Out for Resupply (Valerie, Last Month) On Our Way South (Carla, Last Summer)

Figure drawings. Media consists of pencil (sometimes with pastel chalk, charcoal, etc) on toned paper. Some of these were done at an occasional open figure drawing group that I host at my studio. Interested in either drawing or modeling? Let me know.