In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven observations



26 October 2020

And while we're on the subject of breasts...

21 October 2020

Apparently only you can prevent creepy cartoon bears with strange, furry breasts.

17 October 2020
Hull Sidewalk

Protecting a broken pretzel from the dangers of Hull Street.

13 October 2020

If it's a contest, the winner is the one who comes home with the best stories.

10 October 2020
Happy Birthday

Mask. East Cary Street.

4 October 2020
Happy Birthday

Though the correlation is unclear, I assume it is important.

1 October 2020


Notes are on the playlist page.

26 September 2020

Just doing my part to keep it alive.

24 September 2020
North Laurel

Mask. North Laurel Street.

19 September 2020

That's why we're here.

26 August 2020
Bug Fuck

"Oh baybee... yer shellll, eet sooo preeeetteyyyyy..."