In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven observations



1 December 2020
Rock Spring Lillies


Notes are on the playlist page.

29 November 2020
Roof View

Enjoying the quiet.

26 November 2020

Up one side. Down the other.

24 November 2020

Sometimes we all just need a hug.

19 November 2020

For better or for worse, we're all trying to leave our mark.

15 November 2020
Shafer Street

Mask. Shafer Street.

12 November 2020
Rock Spring Sky

The world turned upside down.

8 November 2020
Creepy Ranger Bear

Still unclear whether this is more creepy, sad, disturbing, or beautiful.

6 November 2020
Fuck You, Donald

Finally. (As seen online. Photo from Monday November 2. Photographer is Jay Westcott. Woman is my hero.)

21 October 2020

Apparently only you can prevent creepy cartoon bears with strange, furry breasts.

17 October 2020
Hull Sidewalk

Protecting a broken pretzel from the dangers of Hull Street.