Andrew Hersey - Modeling Information



I'm open to working with new or experienced models in my drawings and paintings. I do these drawings from reference photos that I shoot - I set you up in simple poses, shoot photos and then draw from those later. I of course keep all the photos 100% confidential - no one sees them but me - and I have a release/agreement that protects you in that regard (see below). My finished pieces have a relaxed and informal feel to them, and I always approach modeling sessions with a similar attitude. Read the information below carefully, and email me if you're interested in being a part of my work. I am based in Charlottesville, Virginia, but I travel a good bit and can sometimes arrange to work with you where you're located.

I've been really lucky to work with a number of creative and talented models over the years. Some have been established models looking for unique images for their portfolios, some have been friends or fellow artists who wanted to collaborate, and some have just been people who saw my work, liked it, and wanted to be a part of it. Experience is far less important to me than an expressive and creative attitude, and I always get the best results from models who bring their own style and presence.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't really look like a model. Is that okay?

If you look at my work, you'll see that it's not about the "typical model" look at all. You need to be height/weight proportionate, have a creative attitude, and be confident with your physicality. My work makes a unique statement, and my favorite models are those whose look doesn't necessarily reflect mainstream culture's definitions of style and beauty. And my favorite models usually come more from an art background than a "look at me, I want to be a fashion model" background.


Do I have to know how to pose?

Not really - I don't expect a model to come up with ideas, poses, artistic statements on their own, but I do value subjects who can sustain a creative dialogue with me. Most important is a confident, fearless and composed person who is comfortable being a creative collaborator.


Do you work with men too?

Definitely. I'm looking for interesting and creative collaborators, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I'm open to working with couples or groups as well.


Do I have to be naked?

Yes, for this work, you do. I look for models who are confident with their physicality and with their bodies. Of course, all shooting is 100% professional, safe and respectful, and all limits are respected, but please be up front in discussing your overall comfort level, as well as any reservations or restrictions with me beforehand. I'm fine limiting a shoot to more anonymous images (posed with faces/identities hidden or concealed, and your identity kept confidential), but again, please discuss such concerns with me ahead of time. I'm not opposed to shooting some clothed pics for your portfolio in addition to what I want for mine, but please be aware that the focus of the session will be on nudes.


Where do you take the pictures?

It depends on the project. For this work, the only thing that I'm looking for is form and shape, so I can shoot them anywhere - backgrounds don't really matter. Obviously, the nudity element requires a certain amount of privacy, but I've shot in my home, model's homes, hotels, dorm rooms, offices, even outdoors. Most of the poses are sitting/lying down, so all that's needed is room enough to lie on the floor and be comfortable.


What do I get out of this?

What do you want? I've done trades for artwork, other photographic work, photoshop work, web design, etc. I've sometimes paid models for this type of modeling as well. Let me know what you think and we can discuss ideas.


Can I bring a friend/escort/chaperone?

Unless your friend is interested in posing for me as well, I don't allow escorts while shooting. You may feel free to have a friend drop you off, meet me, see where we're working, etc, but mood and concentration (both mine and my model's) are extremely important, and escorts are always a distraction. There have been occasions when I've allowed escorts to be present while shooting, but these are rare, and MUST be discussed in advance.


Is there some kind of photo release?

Yes. It's pretty short and to the point, and essentially protects both of us. It says that I get to draw and paint from the photos I take of you, and to show and display those works, but it also prohibits me from showing anyone else the actual photos, or from revealing your identity without your consent. I'm happy to send you a copy beforehand if you want to look it over. Please ask about anything you're unsure of or uncomfortable about ahead of time, so we're both aware of what to expect.



Please read this: I have a "one strike" policy regarding models who don't follow through with appointments. My time is important, and my reputation is important. When I plan a shoot with someone, it's because I think it will be worth my time and trouble and creative energy to do so, and I operate under the assumption that the model approaches this arrangement in the same way: I value their time and they value mine; I communicate fully and openly, they do the same. So if you're less than 100% sure that you're serious about modeling for me, please don't waste my time. I am happy to work with models with all levels of experience, but I also expect and demand a high level of respect for my time, my craft, and my art. I have no patience for those who don't take this arrangement seriously.



Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you.