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Andrew Hersey is a 60-year-old self-taught artist and writer who has exhibited his work around the country at shows and in galleries. He is a runner, low-budget traveler, and lover of the ocean. A survivor of both testicular cancer and clinical depression, he lives in Virginia.

Current projects include the Reveries and Objects of Adoration photo serieses, an ogoing collection of Firgure Drawings on paper, and Friends, a series of quick digital drawings and poems. Models are actively sought for all of these projects.

The artwork section on this site features both current and older (and generally no longer available) works in a variety of styles and media. Works both new and old are posted regularly on ello. Also please view works in current and recent exhibitions.

The site is designed, built and maintained entirely by the artist, using a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Air running Mac OS X 10.14. While it can be viewed on most platforms, it is best experienced on, and desinged for, screens that don't fit in your pocket.

Photographs captured with Nikon cameras, DJI drones, and Apple iPhones, and printed on an ancient Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer, using Epson inks and matte papers. Paints by Golden Artist Colors and Benjamin Moore. Acrylic resin by U.S. Composites. Photo transfers use Lazertran papers. Site maintenance is done with Komodo Edit. Image editing by Adobe Photoshop. File transfers use FileZilla. Office backend by Apache OpenOffice.

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