Eleven Photographs



At the Intersection of Confusion and Doubt

"At the Intersection of Confusion and Doubt"

A Forgotten Process

"A Forgotten Process"

When It's Time To Go

"When It's Time To Go"

Among the Most Memorable Moments

"Among the Most Memorable Moments"

Pity For the Graceless

"Pity For the Graceless"

These Odd Little Duties We Perform

"These Odd Little Duties We Perform"

I Should Have Seen This Coming

"I Should Have Seen This Coming"

Tales From Another Lifetime

"Tales From Another Lifetime"

The Most Underrated of the Senses

"The Most Underrated of the Senses"

Which Catharsis Would You Like?

"Which Catharsis Would You Like?"

Quiet Wanting

"Quiet Wanting"

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