In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven Observations



21 September 2021
Bug Carcass

Only the shell of you remains.

17 September 2021
Dead Jelly

I am just one more odd and gelatinous blob washed up on your beach.

12 September 2021
Bug on Red

Apparently Peter Max also desinged insects.

9 September 2021
River Phoebe

Richmond landmark.

5 September 2021
Strange Moth

Did you hear the one about the leaf and the moth and the jet fighter who had a threesome?

1 September 2021


Notes for this month's music selections are on the playlist page.

28 August 2021
River Bank Feet

Beside the James.

23 August 2021
Mask Greenville Avenue

Mask. Greenville Avenue

17 August 2021
Naked Rock

Seems reasonably self-explanatory.

12 August 2021
White Moth


28 July 2021

Sorry, were you trying to look happy? Terrified? Orgasmic? In agony? If it matters, you have really pretty hair...?