Photo Journal
Eleven Observations



23 September 2023

Ohhh Ima get it!

18 September 2023

Say it with class. Say it with style. All you need is the right fonts.

14 September 2023

Below Dark Hollow Falls.

11 September 2023

Posing while dining.

5 September 2023

Debbie goes camping!

1 September 2023


Al and Phoebe have a really great podcast espisode this month.

27 August 2023

Ruby River feet.

23 August 2023

Proper dental hygene might be more important for some than for others.

20 August 2023

"Ribbit," he said very quietly.

14 August 2023

The tides take over my life sometimes. That's the way it should always be.

10 August 2023

Leaf count matters less, really.