In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven Observations



21 July 2021

Got your Dab-O-Ink ready?

16 July 2021
Fuck Trump

Ruin: noun, the physical disintegration of something, or the state of disintegrating.

10 July 2021
Turn Signal

Turning this way and then that.

5 July 2021

Just stop already.

1 July 2021
First Aid Kit


Notes for this month's music selections are on the playlist page.

27 June 2021

Do I look like I wish to talk to you?

23 June 2021
Mask, My Roof

Mask. My Roof.

19 June 2021
Pet Waste

Because apparently there are blinged-out cats walkin' around with poopin' two-headed dogs.

17 June 2021
Magnum Stop


8 June 2021
Fish and Hook

When I'm this hungry, you don't even need bait.

22 May 2021
Social Distance

I'm doing my part to keep my community safe. Are you?