In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven Observations



18 April 2021
Pollen, Pocahontas State Park

An enemy of the people, Pocahontas State Park.

14 April 2021

The river is up.

11 April 2021
Pollen, Parkwood Avenue

An enemy of the people, Parkwood Avenue.

10 April 2021
Mask, Porter Street

Mask, Porter Street.

5 April 2021
Death in Manchester

Death in Manchester.

1 April 2021
Afton Sky


Notes for March's music selections are on the playlist page.

28 March 2021

Thinking of venturing out into the bigger world.

25 March 2021

Sure, but what's your point?

21 March 2021
Quality Inn Lamp

Just a shout out to the stylin' decor of the Quality Inn.

17 March 2021

That magical place where poetry and calligraphy come together!

13 March 2021
Blurry Phoebe

Winter's cold. Hot tub's hot.