In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven Observations



23 January 2022
No Rough Play

And we'd better not see any Greco-Roman wrestling either!

17 January 2022
Fish Remains

I genuinely admire the signmaker's work.

13 January 2022
One Size

The family that swims together...

8 January 2022
Hanover County Snow

The snow stops and everything is still.

4 January 2022
Pig Nose

Indisputable evidence of beach pigs.

1 January 2022
Nags Head Sunrise


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26 December 2021

My cold blanket keeps me safe and warm.

22 December 2021
Laurel Point

To the woods and for the woods.

9 December 2021
Ugly Mirror

And now... your 2021 contest winner... it's the World's Most Ugly Mirror!

6 December 2021
White Tail Opener

Some deer think it undignified to use their asses to open beer bottles. For some of us, though, it's a sacred duty.

12 November 2021

So... ya wish to putt, do ya?