In the Distance, Oblivious
Eleven Observations



19 June 2021
Pet Waste

Because apparently there are blinged-out cats with poopin' two-headed dogs walkin' around the neighborhood.

17 June 2021
Magnum Stop


15 June 2021
Mask East Cary

Mask. East Cary Street.

8 June 2021
Fish and Hook

When I'm this hungry, you don't even need bait.

5 June 2021
Googly Puffer

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the googly.

1 June 2021
Pocahontas Dam


Notes for this month's music selections are on the playlist page.

30 May 2021

Apparently Harry Belafonte has a presence in my neighborhood.

25 May 2021
Rooftop Foreheads

Rooftops and foreheads.

22 May 2021
Social Distance

I'm doing my part to keep my community safe. Are you?

20 May 2021
Hungry Size

The hungrier they're sized, the bigger her smile.

16 May 2021

You are wrapped around me. Whether I like it or not.