In the Distance, Oblivious Playlist
Eleven Musical Distractions



May 2022





Notes (Quotes from song lyrics):

  1. "The careful birds will relax and make black nests in your black hair"

    Mount Eerie is the product of songwriter Phil Elverum. His releases often feature his own artwork.

  2. "The softer thoughts, they all took flight"

    Bill Callahan is back for his third appearance in our playlist. He rarely hits you over the head with his music. Often the best music is the stuff that you have to live with for a while before it seeps into you.

  3. "You say to be quiet but I want to tell the whole world"

    Xiu Xiu has some dark secrets.

  4. "You can sit down if you don't mind me standing up"

    The Haim sisters are not necessarily the kind of music I gravitate towards. But this song is just too smart and fun and clever to not love. And this video is among my favorites in quite a while.

  5. "Would you like to go up for a stroll and keep me company?"

    The Jefferson Airplane inspired a generation, and inspired musicians who continue to inspire. A founding member, Paul Kantner's Blows Against the Empire was an early solo record. This album also features perhaps music's first references to Ronald Reagan, "You unleash the dogs of a grade-B movie star Governor's drop your fuckin' bombs, burn your demon babies, I will live again!", which for me will always reserve a special mention.

  6. "Oh peaches in the summertime baby, apples in the fall"

    Henry St. Claire Fredericks Jr, better known as Taj Mahal, was born in Harlem in 1942. He's a blues legend, but has never been shy about including all sorts of cultures and musical influences in his work.

  7. "Everybody knows she let you down"

    Oh, the wonders of Spotify! Quiet World was an 70's era British pop/rock/soul band fronted by brothers John, Lee, and Neil Heather. Who I had never knew the first thing about. I love finding stuff like this. Actually Phoebe found it. But yes!

  8. "How can you be so wise and still not know?"

    Do you think Andrew Bird spends a lot of time thinking about what a gorgeous man he is?

  9. "One day at a time, on paper I'm fine"

    Sometimes in doing this playlist, I'll see a video that makes me think "Yes! I'm so glad this song was included in our playlist!". Once in a while, I'll see a video that makes me think "Hmmm... I liked the song, but maybe the video makes me have my doubts?" This might be the first time I've thought "Ummm... okaaaaaay...?".

  10. "Give us the strength, give us the wisdom, and give us tomorrow"

    I'll never be able to say enough about how much J.R. Robertson has influenced me. A man who was never really a singer, who wrote some songs (initially) in the shadow of Bob Dylan, and who never really sought out the spotlight, was somehow responsible for much of what became "Americana". Levon Helm can make all the claims he wants (past tense), but when Robbie left, The Band had no real hand to play.

    So far this month we've brought you a couple of really good videos, an odd live video, a trippy video... here's a frankly pretty bad (and very, very dated) video. Fortunately, the song (with backing vocals by Sam Llanas of The BoDeans) feels as fresh as ever.

  11. "How many times does an angel fall? How many people lie instead of talking tall?"

    You can think David Bowie was just weird shit (and you'd be right), you can claim he was one of the most important artists of our era (also correct), or you can say he was just a really good white-boy R&B singer (yep). (The fact that he moonlighted as Phillip Jeffries is another story entirely). Or you could just go watch this video and make up your own mind support any hypothesis you like.



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