In the Distance, Oblivious Playlist
Eleven Musical Distractions



December 2022
Rough Ocean





Notes (Quotes are from song lyrics):

  1. "This is the end of us, sleeping with the moon and the stars, I know where you've been, oh, you can see us far then near"

    Childish Gambino, perhaps best known for his 2018 hit "This Is America", is the musical alter-ego of actor/director/writer/comedian Donald Glover. As if various art forms weren't enough, musically he's at home in hip-hop, hardcore funk, soulful R&B, and probably anything else he wants to try. Talents like this just amaze me... people who can effortlessly be so good at so many things.

  2. "And then I heard them lift a box, and creek around my soul, with the same boots of lead again, space, space began to toll"

    Andrew Bird has been in the playlist four times, Phoebe Bridgers twice, but this is the first ItD,O songwriting credit for Emily Dickinson.

  3. "If you kiss me once out here in the rain, we'll go back and start all over again"

    Anyone who has known me long knows of my love for The Be Good Tanyas. Frazey Ford and Sam Parton have both been in our playlist before, but this is (surprisingly) the BGT's first visit as a group.

  4. "But if people took notice, do you think they could feel it, could they see us weeping behind our eyes, behind our eyes"

    A lot of Nova Scotia-based Tanya Davis's music is more spoken word poetry with a musical backup, but I love this song so much. She's a really good writer. I hope we hear more of her.

  5. "If you've got a reason, I'm sure that you're right, it's not bad to be right, but if you know I am wrong why don't you tell me why?"

    Lomelda is the made up name of musician Hannah Read, who says the name means "echo of the stars". We're always gonna love bringing you quirky cuts like "Nervous Driver", but we apologize that neither the drummer or the keyboard player have a lot to do in this version. The Golden State Warrior blanket does however play a prominent role.

  6. "And I can't lie to you, tell you it's an easy road, 'cause my mama always told me, darling, don't give in, sometimes you gotta bare and grin"

    I'm a fan of Ontario's Cat Clyde. Her simple but quirky voice has been compared to Karen Dalton and Bobbie Gentry. Here's "Been Worryin'" from her duet album with fellow Canadian Jeremie Albino.

  7. "And we were galloping manic to the mouth of the source, we were swallowing panic in the face of its force"

    We really love The McTague Twins' wonderful cover of the ever-quirky Joanna Newsom.

  8. "What has been must never end and with the strength we have will not be erased"

    Can we be honest here? There are definitely times when Father John Misty, aka Josh Tillman, annoys us with his hipper-than-though cleverness. You can appreciate his talents but get your fill quickly. Still, no one can deny he has a voice, and not many people can even attempt this Stevie Wonder classic. FJM kills it in his second appearance in our playlist.

  9. "Somewhere beyond the darkness lies incredible light, at least that's what she once made me believe"

    This is also Watchhouse (formerly Mandolin Orange)'s second visit to the playlist. At their best, Chapel Hill's Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz craft some of the most beautiful songs you'll ever hear, and Nightbird is one of their best.

  10. "Hello, darkness, my old friend, good will still barking at the choir, show yourself one last time to me, before I go back, back to evil now"

    One more second time playlister, Timbre Timbre's "Dissociation" wanders between the lyrics of other songs, various key signatures, and a very dark mood. We love it.

  11. "Jesus, don't cry, you can rely on me, honey, you can combine anything you want"

    The amazing Julia Jacklin covered him with last month's "Just To Be A Part", here he covers September's Wilco, but let's make clear that Bill Fay is both the Salt of the Earth, and an absolute treasure.



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