In the Distance, Oblivious Playlist
Eleven Musical Distractions



October 2021





Notes (Quotes from song lyrics or artists themselves):

  1. "There is but one love, but one love won't do, all in good time, your world goes to smash too, when... you move much better than you know..."

    Richard Reed Parry, from the band Arcade Fire, covers a song by previous playlist favorite Mary Margaret O'Hara.

  2. "Corn liquor tastes sweeter in this town, could it be it's the same as the last? I swear I've seen ya face elsewhere before, just as familiar as a bottle and a glass"

    Forgive the rather overt wall of beer advertising, but this is a really nice version of this song.

  3. "Heaven, help me, I don't understand, heaven, help, I'm having trouble reading you, you keep on showing up in my dream, a reoccurring one where you don't want me"

    When your music video is basically a 1968-era home movie. Though I'm not sure why.

  4. "If I had your love, I tell you what I'd do , I would kiss those hardworking hands, and I would marry you"

    Just pure sweetness.

  5. "You get your way playing sycophants and slaves, a coward with a gun, everybody sees you ridin' the big steed, and you know what you've done"

    A Lynchian Lera Lynn.

  6. "All my life leads me to die, now Sherlock and Watson decide, on a true mystery of the mind, one Arthur Doyle would cease to write"

    When your music video is basically a 1971-era home movie. Are we sensing a theme here?

  7. "'Cause joy ain't just improbable, it's impossible for prodigal sons who speak in tongues, forked and pedagogical"

    Eddie Berman's covers are smart and thought-provoking. His originals are nothing less.

  8. "The lemon tree, it laughs at me, it's growin' beautifully, the little vine, it won't unwind, and it'll wrap your whole in time"

    I know almost nothing about Devendra Banhart. He once dated Natalie Portman, and made a fairly culturally appropriative video with her, so there's that.

  9. "So long, Bobby, we're still scared to start, now it's just college kids and me playing in the park, but I don't want wake up just to watch it die, oh, is the dream gone? Goodbye"

    Bleachers is an odd band. I'm not sure what to make of a lot of their music, but this song is simply lovely. And this version is even lovelier.

  10. "With no words to say that he loved her so much, his hands seems to pass through whatever it touched, and the credits that rolled listed all of God's names, as images floated away from their frames"

    If this song and this article don't make your life a little bit better, I fear there might be something wrong with you. Also, Clem Snide with Scott Avett.

  11. "Did I hear something break, was that your heart or my heart? Like when the Earth shakes, then the silence that follows"

    A couple of months ago we brought you the 20 Years of Dualtone track where Gregory Alan Isakov covered the Lumineers. Here, from the same album, Wesley Schultz and company return the favor.



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