Help Wanted - Photography/Drawing Models


The Most Underrated of the Senses

"The Most Underrated of the Senses"



I hire figurative models for both photography and drawing sessions. Models of all ages (18+), sizes, ethnicities, genders will be considered. Experience isn't required, though you do need to be comfortable posing nude.

Photo sessions generally involve images that fairly anonymous/non-identifiable, but are shot entirely on location (usually outdoors or in abandoned/empty settings), so a certain fearlessness and comfort level are important.

For drawing sessions you need to be able to hold poses ranging in length from 60 seconds to 20 minutes or longer. Most are one-on-one sessions with me and a model, but I also host occasional group sessions (small group, artists attending are respectful and supportive).

References are available. Pay is $15-20/hr, normally for 2 hours, plus digital samples of the work.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below, and let me know your interests. All fields except the "other" and "photo" are required, and the more info you provide, the better your chance of being hired.





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